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"Ours is A WELL church!"

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The majority of documents which can be downloaded here require Adobe Acrobat reader - download free via link at base of page.

A number of informational leaflets are also available:

  1. Welcome  (to be updated)   
  2. History of St Mary's Church
  3. History of St Martin's Church
  4. Contact and worship details (to be updated)  
  5. Parish Centre  (updated 12/08/16)  
  6. Music in the Churches  (updated 04/05/18)     
  7. How to serve (Rotas)  (updated 04/05/18)     
  8. Junior Church  (updated 29/06/14)   
  9. Good Egg Club  (updated 04/05/18) 
  10. Baptism & Thanksgivings  (added 02/12/16)   
  11. Our place in the structure of the Church of England
  12. Knebworth Family of Churches
  13. Care for the Family (updated 09/01/15)
  14. Ways to Give (added 12/08/16)   
  15. Cardstall - Literature and Communication  (updated 04/05/18)   
  16. Parish News Info  (updated 04/05/18)  
  17. Knebworth Parish Records 1596 to 1837  (added 19/11/12)
  18. Knebworth Map including churches location  (added 16/12/12)
  19. Knebworth Memorials for St. Martin's and St. Mary's churches, scanned in 1986 and useful for tracing graves (added 08/03/13)
  20. Burial Records for St. Martin's church, covering period to 2005 (added 30/10/20) New!
  21. MAP Survey Results (added 23/04/13)  
  22. Gift Aid Declaration  (updated 12/08/16)
  23. Data Protection Notice  (added 29/03/18)  

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