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Knebworth Family of Churches Biblethon

KJV Bible

Would you like to hear a favourite Bible passage read out loud from the King James Bible?

The authorised version of God’s masterplan is not only God’s living word, it is also a masterpiece of Literature containing some of the most extraordinary stories ever told. To celebrate its 400th Anniversary, key passages will be read aloud on Saturday 15th October from 10am-1pm on St. Martin’s Green.

The reading will be followed by hot drinks, soup and 400th Birthday celebration cake in St. Martin’s, where we hope also to have a display of old Family Bibles. All welcome. Everyone completing the Biblethon will be issued with a certificate.

We want to include your Top Ten Bible Passages. We are also seeking the oldest possible edition of the King James Bible to read from. Just jot your choice down on a piece of paper and place it in the box at the back of St. Martin’s or contact Jo Simson on 01438 814166, BY 30 SEPTEMBER. Offers of help with refreshments/setting up welcomed by Jo too. If you would like to be part of the reading team contact Jim (also by 30 September).


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